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Bishop Timothy T. Green

Bishop Timothy T. Green was born on January 17th in Orlando Florida. Raised in the admonition of the Lord, he received salvation at the age of thirteen years old, and soon after, the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Bishop Green has served in the ministry for 18 years. Ten of those 18 years he has been pastoring. During his years in ministry, he has served faithfully and has made his way up the ladder of leadership by; being a faithful steward of what God has given unto your hands. Bishop Green has been able to operate in many different leadership roles throughout his years in ministry. Bishop Green is a highly anointed, dedicated, and Holy Ghost filled man of God who is lead by the Holy Ghost. 

Bishop Green is a loving and compassionate person, a passionate orator, a biblical teacher and preacher. He desires to be a living epistle who glorifies our Lord, Jesus Christ in love, in word, in deed, in spirit and in truth. Bishop Green’s life experiences and knowledge historical biblical text, brings to life a message of Hope, Salvation, Deliverance and Healing. These are his key factors in bringing forth God’s Holy Word to those that wish to be saved, delivered and healed from their previous way of living and submit to the way that God ordained for man to live. All of these factors are what make Bishop Green a dynamic Preacher, Teacher, and an Ambassador for Christ.

It is Bishop Green’s greatest desire that others will be moved; more by his walk than his talk. It is also his desire to fulfill the test of Love and complete service to God and to God’s people so that many will become in complete service to God in spirit and in truth. Bishop Green has gained a reputation of being highly anointed and an energetic orator of the Gospel. Due to his life changing testimony, his fiery radical style of preaching and his zeal for the ministry of God, many have been drawn to Christ, through him. Bishop Green was elevated to the office of Bishop in 2016 under the leadership of International Fellowship of Covenant Churches by Chief Apostle Ernest O. Turner Jr. Bishop Green continues to lead the body of Christ through a righteous and holy life by being a good example to the world today.